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  1. Your Daily Horoscope for Wednesday, October 2
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Conserve your resources! Keeping track of your expenses through an app or by making lists will reveal just how much you can save. When it comes to love let your partner or potential love interest do all the work and enjoy being pampered.

Your Daily Horoscope for Wednesday, October 2

Slow down, especially at night, give yourself a break from screens and decompress with a good book. A six degrees of separation moment could shed a totally different light on someone. Striking up a conversation with a person you see on a regular basis, perhaps a colleague or neighbour, is bound to uncover common threads and history.

This will just reinforce the old adage to never judge a book by its cover! As one of the more sociable signs of the zodiac you love meeting new and interesting people. Cutting back on superficial socialising and focusing on connections that offer depth and insight will lead to immense personal growth, so prioritise your invitations and conversations. Start packing! The cosmic climate is turning your thoughts to travel and adventure. This could attract a spontaneous opportunity to visit friends or relatives who live overseas or an interstate commute.

Nah I was on crack so it was prolly that lol. We start walking back to the dorms and all 3 of us are just silent. Peanut and I lived 2 doors down from each other so they go in her room and I go in mine after we say our good nights. I go in my room and my roommate is there with his boyfriend.

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Like nigga…. So I sit down and start watching videos on my laptop to try and distract myself from my anxiety because a nigga was SHOOKT to the core. My roommate and his boyfriend were just watching me like I was a good ass episode of something. I was twitching, teetering, and sweating like shit even though it was late September in upstate New York. Now this fake ass bitch gon take a snapchat video of my crackhead ass trippin and put it on his story for everyone to see. One good thing did come out of it tho, Peanut, Jelly, and I became real tight after that. And what became of Becky you ask?

She made sure to steer clear of all 3 of us and my friends lol because they threatened to cut that hoe. Moral of the story children? Aries : where the fuck is that bitch i will kill her Taurus : good. Keep reading. Warnings: lots of fluffy dialogue, smut: outdoor sex, thigh riding, hair pulling, language switching. He thought you looked adorable in a bathing suit and one of his sleeveless shirts that was three times too big for you. Their hand was much quicker than his was, however, and they were able to snatch a piece on their second try.


Thought that stopped back in school? A horrible snort came from Hawks—a mixture of laughter and the fact he started to choke on the bite of chicken he had just taken. His breathing became laboured for a while, slowly calming down and finally allowing him to speak once again.

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He had to admit, however, the delight on their face was a sight to see, and most certainly a nice replacement for the sun that illuminated the back of their head. Virgil : i fucking spilled coffee everywhere i wanna die. Virgil : yes several different kinds. Logan : Okay, let me rephrase; do you need help cleaning up the coffee you just spilled?

Will I Get My Ex Back Horoscope

Virgil : oh yeah im just sitting next to the mess and almost crying lmao. Virgil : yes?? Virgil : ok i just fucking hit my head on the wall and put a little dent in it im definitely not okay stupid fucking dry wall. Logan : …. Patton : awww thanks Logie!! Virgil : backhanded compliment. Patton : …. Virgil : oof too real are you ok lol. Patton : yeah im good kiddo!!

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Virgil : ok but you know we love and appreciate you right. Patton : yes i know!! Virgil : wow welcome to the land of the living sleeping beauty. Roman : Oh says the one that wakes up at 3pm almost everyday. Also how do you know I just woke up! I could have been up for hours and just now checked the chat!

Roman : Yes I can! Virgil : prove it. Roman : Fine! Virgil : 5. Virgil : 4. Virgil : told you. Virgil : so anyway Logan help im dying. Virgil : yeah it is. Roman : Oh, I hate all of you. Virgil : all two of us. Roman : Yes. I could never hate Patton. Patton : i love you Roman!!!! Roman : I love you too padre lol. Patton : true! Virgil : ew i hate this.

SMH! Bye " Dark Magic " This Is The Love - Of - A - Lifetime!!! Soulmate/Twin Flame

Virgil :. Keeping your own counsel is the sensible way to go. Sagittarius November 23 — December 20 With friends, try not to borrow or lend money. It rarely ends well. Give your time, support or encouragement, sure, but not your cash. Do you need a change of direction? Take it!

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Aquarius January 20 — February 18 Expect to have your prejudices or beliefs challenged. Defending your views may make them stronger, or you might even change your mind. Try very hard to be kind, but you must be firm. Aries March 21 — April 19 Is your partner dictating your work situation, or is your work limiting your love life?