Aquarius weekly horoscope march 29

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 4 - 10 December, 12222
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The influence of the Moon on a sign of your element will contribute to your success in your efforts.

Love The astral movements around your sign of the air element, inspire you, Aquarian. Avoid lawsuits with your partner and do not get to discuss for inconsequential reasons because due to a retrograde aspect of Mercury, the planet of communications, this Friday, any argument, however small, can cause problems. Health You must be very careful because there is a tendency in your horoscope to accidents by carelessness. If you leave your house in a hurry, check the stoves, burners, faucets and electricity first.

Mercury enters Sagittarius

You must use your social tact and handle situations diplomatically. Money and Luck Do not be discouraged because the economic inconveniences if one laments and curses become complicated. Nothing we win with complaining and if you still do not have enough money to face your expenses very soon you will receive surprises. Cosmic dynamics that you should take advantage of: the experience that you extract from an error of the past. Dangerous trend of today in your sign Aquarius: repeat something that does not suit you and of which you keep a not very pleasant experience.

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What should I avoid? Risk my peace of mind and inner peace by repeating mistakes made in the past. Aquarius Love Astrology Today 29th March The best relationship today: this Friday things will go very well for you if your partner is of an air sign like yours and also of fire, particularly Sagittarius. The most tense relationship: it can arise with a Taurus native.

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Your current compatibility: there is good compatibility, especially with air, and with fire and especially with the sign Sagittarius. If you are single: the love that now appears in your life will have a very different image to what during these past months you had thought.

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Aquarius weekly astrology 29 March

The moon enters Aquarius tonight, reminding you not to forget about your responsibilities. The moon is in Capricorn for much of the day, finding you reflecting on the role tradition has in your life.

Astrology~ Horoscopes ~ by Tim Stephens

Tonight, the mood shifts as the moon enters fellow air sign Aquarius, inspiring you to party! The moon is in Capricorn for most of the day, bringing plenty of communication your way, Scorpio. However, the moon enters Aquarius tonight, finding you in a private mood, craving time at home with family and loved ones. The moon is in Capricorn for most of the day, inspiring you to reflect on your budget and to spend wisely. The moon is in your sign for most of the day, encouraging you to put self care first.

Aquarius Horoscope

The moon enters Aquarius this evening, bringing your focus to your finances. The moon is in Capricorn for most of the day, boosting your intuitive abilities. Tonight, the moon enters your sign, encouraging you to focus on self care and to sit with your emotions.

The moon is in Capricorn for much of the day, inspiring you to network and be productive.

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However, the moon enters Aquarius tonight, encouraging you to slow down and relax. What's in the stars for you in March? Read your monthly horoscope here.