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Let's take a look. In many instances, this rule works wonderfully well and even points to the Sun sign of your husband or wife. In other words, it does not indicate the one you MUST have to build an enduring love union with. Even when the rule applies, divorces and separations happen, depending on the ruler of the 7th house and other factors and configurations in your horoscope. When there is an intercepted sign in the 7th house , we just mentioned to blend both zodiac signs to find the partner type you are attracted to.

We will now give an example on how to proceed to make this clear. Let's say you have Libra on the 7th house cusp Descendant with Scorpio intercepted in the 7th house. If we apply the rule, we are as well attracted to an air sign Gemini, Libra or Aquarius as to a water sign Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.

Now that's a lot! In practice, your partner type or significant other might or will be the one whose Sun sign has the same ruler or planet that has the most affinity with both elements because it's exalted or in the sign of its triplicity, etc In this example, Venus is exalted in the water sign Pisces and rules the air sign Libra so that your significant other will have very prominent Venus traits and may be born under the Sun sign of Libra.

This delineation may sound quite difficult but if you have a table with essential dignities at hand, it's not. Read More.

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The Astrology of Loneliness and Aloneness: Aries Rising–Virgo Rising

Recent Articles. And do they have to be strong generally or strong and in Libra?

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Rather, think in terms of the qualities you associate with the sign on your descendant. With Libra on your 7th house cusp, you might want a partner who is more intellectual, who has good taste, and who is committed to the principle of fairness. Mars-Pluto will give this ideal person a more aggressive edge. You may also want a real take-charge kind of guy. I think Robert Hand said that a lot of military generals are Librans-- the principle of combatting an enemy can be seen as a commitment to fairness on a very large stage. Planets in the 7th wouldn't over-ride the DC ruler and sign completely.

You want to think more about how they would blend. But note that any planet in its own sign or in a close aspect will be felt strongly. If you have a tenanted 7th house, it suggests that being in a committed relationship is simply more of a focus for you-- even if you are single at present.

It can be the source of a lot of day-dreaming or scheming, for example.

The Descendant in Virgo

But honestly-- I am sure you ladies know the kind of guy you find appealing! In synastry, where you have an actual person to deal with, not a wish-list; you have to compare the two charts in some detail, and match up your planetary positions. Note also that the 5th house rules impermanent love affairs. You might enjoy a short fling with someone of a very different character than someone with whom you want to share your life into the years ahead.

Mars-Pluto in the 7th may show up more as "open enemies", especially if they are afflicted. Babuza, are you apt to be combative or feisty? Generally, if you have planets trined or sextiled, you will experience their more positive dimensions. If they are squared or opposed, you will probably experience their more troublesome sides. With conjunctions it depends on the nature of the planets. A planet conjunct the DC opposes the AS in any event. This planet may be experienced as "not me.

Secret enemies-- the back-stabber types, are a 12th house matter.

Descendant (astrology) - Wikipedia

Why Libra? Misha's descendant ruler is in Capricorn Someone intelligent and conservative. Also the ruler of her 5th house makes a conjunction with the ruler of the 7th. So It wont be strange if some relationship that starts like a fling could end up in something more serious. Or in the other hand Oh I forgot to say: The guy will be older. Sun, Mars, and ruler of the 7th are under Saturn's power. Also the moon which rules the 5th. Originally Posted by virgo Thanks for the reply, waybread. It was actually someone who taught me that unless I use this aggressiveness myself then someone else will do it against me.

Thanks again for the reply, so they blend and not overrule completely, that's what I wanted to know. Romantic attraction is a complicated matter and very unique for each person.

Virgo 7th House Cusp

However, there are some general rules that I initially discovered in "When the Planets Promise Love" by Rose Murray and have repeatedly seen working in my research and in my clients' lives. For a woman, generally the signs the Sun and Mars are in and the houses they are in shows who she is attracted to.

For a man, generally it is Venus and the Moon, the signs they are in and the houses they are in. Both genders will have a tendency to be attracted to the characteristics of the planets in their seventh house. Both genders should look at the sign on their descendant, the ruler of their seventh house, which sign this ruler is in, the house it is in and what aspects it makes. I do not have planets in the 7th house.

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Descendant in Virgo

Join Date: Feb Posts: 8. Descendant and attraction I have a question about the descendant. Find all posts by misha. Re: Descendant and attraction Remember that the sun is only one part of the personality of a person. Find all posts by virgo Re: Descendant and attraction Remember that you may be more attracted to people who have the ruler of your 7th house in this case mercury dignified, to those who have the moon or sun in virgo.

Join Date: Feb Posts: Re: Descendant and attraction That's interesting, I've felt the same way about my Libra descendant. Find all posts by tokyo. Re: Descendant and attraction Quote: Originally Posted by misha I have a question about the descendant.