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  1. Conjunct: Unity
  2. Difficult transits can force you to express placements that you had trouble relating to
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  4. The Quincunx: This is no minor aspect

Considered fortuna te, also known as semi-quintile.

Conjunct: Unity

Declination - The arc of measurement in degrees north or south of the celestial equator. The fact that they are unable to inscribe a shape which is enclosed and complete within the zodiac wheel invalidates them according to their philosophical foundation.

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The sextile has been traditionally said to be similar in influence to the trine, but of less significance. Semi-Square-An arc of 45 degrees, or "half a square.

Sesquiquadrate-An arc of degrees, a "square-and-a-half. Here we will concern ourselves with some of the major aspects because they are the most commonly used and the easiest to see in a chart. We all need planetary energy to live. A semi square reveals blocks in our psyche that we must deal with and those blocks are revealed through events or interactions.

Difficult transits can force you to express placements that you had trouble relating to

The birth chart shows the blocks a person will need to deal with in their lifetime through aspects. The planets are in Quincunx when they are about degrees from each other. Up Opposition Orb An allowance of degrees of an aspect that is not precise. Major aspects involving the sun or moon are allowed twelve degrees. It is considered weakly unfavorable, less strong than the square. In all cases the closer the aspect the more powerful it becomes; also the heavier and slower moving planets are more powerful than the smaller and faster.

Celestial sphere. The number of degrees of orb used also tends to vary with the aspect in question; for example, a wider orb is usually used for a major aspect e.

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  • The soft aspects indicate where qualities flow together easily. The person will go great lengths to acquire the Truth for which they believe and seek, with or without the faith of anyone else by their side. The symbolism behind number 7 is perfection, the colors of the rainbow. It can indicate intuition with the other realms and can tend to trigger O. Some people are capable of communicating with spirits or ghosts, even. Septile energy makes a person pursue things intuitively rather than logically and they tend to have insight that is inexplicably spot on.

    When a person has a Septile aspect between two or more of their planets, they tend to be a very mystical and introspective person. The person with few or more tend to be very scientific individuals, non-conforming, and have a very intense emphasis on the importance of their individuality or authenticity. These people will freak out if they are unable to stay true to themselves. And they will do really heavy mental analysis to make sure their head and heart are on their destined path in life, accomplishing exactly what they believe they were meant to.

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    This aspect makes for philosophical and inventive people. And especially perfectionists. But they are indeed very intellectual, intelligent and quite ingenious. Einstein would be a perfect example. And also, it is not uncommon for people with Septiles to turn out to be on the Autism Spectrum somewhere; simply misunderstood. His Moon is in Libra and his Sun in Taurus. This person whom is a close friend to me, is very compassionate, and intuitive. He loves to draw and write. He draws art when he is in his own world or realm. Generally, a person with Sun Septile Moon will immediately have the presence of someone who is private and mysterious.

    The will almost never let you be able to read what is truly going on with them, but they are glad to let you come to them and seek their compassion. Very nonjudgmental individuals. Someone with Sun Septile Pluto is typically a very Scorpionic energy, but this also takes a bit of a different approach than the average Sun-Pluto person.

    This person will continuously seek answers from their higher self which they believe in very intensely. They tend to feel like an Alien in a world among all other species. And very likely they have a strong belief in Aliens and will probably spend much time trying to find proof.


    A person with Venus Septile Mars has a very intense presence. However, this person could simply. Just a growing Astrologer with a love for the spiritual and psychological, as well as a drive to reach out to humanity. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

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    The Witches' Circle

    Skip to content A Septile is an aspect when two planets or objects are within approximately Or, perhaps there is lack of interest to look for aspects of the human life and experience beyond these five things: Intense magnetism between human and physical contact. The Quintile This is a very unique kind of energy, ruled by the number 5 in Numerology, which is the number of the whole body, the four arms and legs, and the head.

    Examples: Someone with Sun Quintile Moon would be someone with a very empathetic response to anyone they meet. Share this: Twitter Facebook.

    The Quincunx: This is no minor aspect

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